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About SACI

SACI exists to promote the health and mental wellbeing of people suffering from, at risk of, or otherwise affected by stress and anxiety

We define mental wellbeing as:

Feeling positive about the present

Being hopeful about the future

Feeling confident about having the ability to handle stresses and problems

Having an overall sense of fulfilment and reward in life

Our Services


Swimming: Swimming classes can reduce stress levels, lower incidences of depression and anxiety and improve sleep patterns.

Cycling: Cycling sessions can improve physical and emotional health and brain functioning.

Dancing: Dancing has physical, emotional wellbeing and confidence boosting benefits.

Learning: Computer classes provide opportunities for people to learn new skills and develop confidence.

Workshops: We offer individual and group activities to explore experiences and develop coping mechanisms.

Socialising: We organise a programme of social events, both local and international, for people to build their confidence in a range of social situations.


Fitness Programmes

Choose from a range of activities designed to raise your fitness levels and improve mental wellbeing


Workshops & Learning

Exercise your mind with a range of learning opportunities and workshops. A great way to meet people and get involved


Social Activities

The SACI programme of events contains many social events from dances to visits to places of interest and further afield

Thank you so much for your encouragement, just to let you know that after the session, I managed to go to Green Park with a friend with borderline personality disorder and enjoyed it”

Course Participant

Having spoken to a number of the women, it is very evident how much they value your services and support. They all talk of how less isolated they feel, how they have developed new friendships and interest and have found confidence in knowing that they are not alone. They also enthused about the various activities, especially the cycling and swimming, stating that they not only appreciated and recognised the health benefits, but found it a great confidence boast to achieve something new


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